Friday, August 19, 2011

The first week was a success!!

Hope your kids all came home this week and reported that their first few days were as G-R-E-A-T as mine was.

We did so many fun things. We had magic playdough....hope they all behaved with it then they got home!

We several great books, we even stuck in a few coloring projects!!

Here are a few pictures from the first two days.

Today we made a fun graph with our names.  We had a LOT of kids with 5 letters in their name.  The longest name had 9....not quite as long as Chrysanthemum!!
We added some cute faces to our ship in the hall way.  Each kid is peeking out of a porthole.  It turned out super cute!  Stop by and have a look if you are at school sometime.


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